EdMill is conceived for your training managers and field experts.

Digital training modifies teaching methods, access and the work place environment. Adapt your content to maintain the bond with your team. Easy management of your learners under this digitalizing strategy.

Either designer and learner.

Authoring tool

Design, step by step, your digital trainings.

Authoring tool

Design, step by step, your digital trainings.


In 4 steps, let’s design your digital training.


Match your trainings within theoretical, applied or conceptual concepts.

Learning Objectives

Associate professional fields, add a general objective and several measurement elements to each of your training courses

Publish formats

Publish your trainings appropriately


Create successful trainings helped by our counseling mode.

Counseling tips

Real time counseling for successful creations.

Your creations are conceived using our design method for the development of your learners’ skills.

Publishing and Planning

Design and publish your training course in a simple click.

Easy access for learners to a clear and personalized content. Publishing at a high level becomes simple.

Assessments and Reviews

Track your learners’ performances

EdMill allows you to assess and score learners. With summative or formative assessment, you can easily evaluate your trainings.

Advanced Statistics Analyses

Analyse your learners’ performances

Optimise your learner’s performances referring to key indicateurs to your re-engineering design.