Turn your learning content into digital trainings with our unique and certified methodology

EdMill, an authoring and publishing tool, makes digital training conception easy for everyone. Unveiled at the CES2021 and award Best Education App on Microsoft Teams.

Chemin Grain Pédagogique

EdMill is designed to be used by both your HR teams and your subject-matter expert.

All-in-one tool

Digitalize, Publish and Manage

EdMill is an all-in-one tool hosted in the cloud, which includes a complete digital learning solution and powered by My-Serious-Game, France’s leading tailor-made digital learning designer.

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"EdMill offers an assistant system which is particularly powerful."

— AddUp, Frederic P. - Course Designer


Ready-to-use activity templates

It is the 1st and only tool based on a digital learning engineering methodology certified by AFNOR, the French national organization for standardizaiton. This is a guarantee of quality and compliance with the legal requirements for your training courses.

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"EdMill allows us save a lot of time and to spend more energy on course design."

MC Formation Conseil, Cédric G. - Training Assistant


Merge Learning & Collaboration

Available on Microsoft Teams, the access to your traning programs is simplified and the interactions between your teams are improved.

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"EdMill embodies psychosocial innovation and state-of-the-art learning methods."

AFPAM, Djibril B - Occupational psychologist

Chemin Grain Pédagogique

The essence of our ecosystem

Professionalizing the creation of digital educational content

“The urgent need to train, throughout all levels of companies, has never been so strong. We designed EdMill so that online courses can be created easily, smartly designed, and efficiently assessed.”

Frédéric Kuntzmann – My-Serious-Game – CEO

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