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What is EdMill?

EdMill is the first tool to create and deploy teaching and learning content incorporating a certified design method by the AFNOR (France). EdMill has been conceived based on several inputs from educational sciences, teaching innovation and cognitive neurosciences approaches. EdMill guarantees an optimal quality of design for your digital training modules.

How to join us?

Desire to perform with EdMill? With only few clicks and some minutes to customize, you would experience this adventure. You don’t have to worry about complicated souscription path or multiple uncover offers. It’s simple! Joining EdMill guarantees you a suitable and well-founded solution according to your training expectations.

Let’s discover how to perform EdMill

Does a credit card is needed for a free trial?

Absolutely not. We only ask for payement details when you subscribe a business or professional offer. If it is the case, you could cancel your plan at any moment, even before the current month to avoid next fee to come.

In which language is EdMill available?

Right now, our offer is only available in english and in french. Our multi-disciplinary team of learning designers, learning consultants and PhD’s work together on the translation of our environment to keep the main recommendations from EdMill. For any particular request, please contact us.

How does the number of learners profile work?

Active learners could be seen since the moment they log in. You could visualize the number of learners on line, as well of the numbers on learner’s profile available.

How do I change my subscription?

Subscribing to EdMill is nice, but being able to customize your offer is even better… Need more seats, user reinforcements or apply a discount code? You’ve come to the right place!

Because not all organizations have the same needs, we give you the possibility to customize your subscription in a few clicks and completely freely. That’s the EdMill spirit.

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